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Projector for Business Use

Wireless Connection Products

Manufacturer Brand Model Compatible Note
Winner Wave EZCast Pro QuattroPod Standard Y
QuattroPod Mini Y
QuattroPod USB Y
QuattroPod Lite Y
EZCast Pro DongleⅡ Y

Updated: July 2020


  • - Maxell has tested the above brands and models for compatibility.
  • - Maxell cannot guarantee compatibility with all models and all firmware versions.
  • - Maxell cannot guarantee compatibility with future models and firmware versions.
  • - Proper operation is dependent upon the installation environment. Adverse operating environments may lead to connection difficulty, video and audio interruptions, dropped frames, and noise.
  • - Please refer to the instruction manual for each model listed above for detailed information on proper operation.
  • - All questions and requests for help should be directed to the manufacturer of the wireless connection product, not to Maxell.