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Projector for Business Use

Information for Maxell PJ Ctrl v4.24 (Projector Control Software)

Maxell’s Projector Control Application (‘PJ Ctrl’) allows a user to control the functions of their Maxell Projector via a ‘Toolbar’ on their desktop or laptop PC.

Since all of the functions for controlling the projector are on the PC, PJ Ctrl can help to reduce costs associated with lost remote controls, battery replacement, etc...

Maxell’s Projector Control Application:

  • ・Can control up to five of the same Maxell Model Projectors at the same time
  • ・Can be customized to suit the user’s individual preferences & needs
  • ・Has an Advanced Control menu that is ideal for installation, maintenance, etc...

Compatible Models

  • ・Maxell Projector Models with an embedded RJ-45 port
  • ・Maxell Projector Models with Wireless Capabilities
  • ・All Maxell Projector Models supported via RS-232C connection or via external Ethernet to Serial device