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Projector for Business Use

The Projector Warping Tool is the application to configure the geometric distortion of the projector’s images when the images are projected onto screens which have a particular kind of surface such as a cylinder, a spherical shape, etc.

Information for Projector Warping Tool Software v2.00 / Windows

Hardware and Software Requirements

Windows® 7
Windows® 8
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 10
Display XGA: 1024X768 or higher, 65,536-colors or higher
CPU Acceptable CPU to meet the system requirements of the operating system above
Memory 1GB or higher
Hard Disk Minimum 150MB free space for installation
Network Wired or Wireless LAN

Compatible Projectors for Projectors Warping Tool Software v2.00 / Windows

MC-WU5501 MC-WU5505 MC-WU5506M
MC-WU8601W MC-WU8701B MC-WU8701W
MC-WX5501 MC-WX5505 MC-WX8651W
MC-WX8751B MC-WX8751W MC-X5551
MC-X8801W MP-WU8701W MP-WU8801B
MP-WU8801W MP-WU9101B