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Information for Maxell PJ Messenger v1.5.0


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Run executable files, such as installers and self-extracting documents, in a safe manner. To run an executable file in a safe manner, launch the executable file in a safe environment (an environment that does not contain any suspicious files, such as suspicious DLL files),as follows:
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This version offers simplified texting features.

Maxell’s PJ Messenger (Projector Messenger Tool) allows you to take control and display real-time text messages on your projector screen.

These text messages can be shown as a scrolling message (i.e., ‘scrawl’) across the bottom of your screen (just like the TV news), or directly in the middle of the screen for more urgent messages.

PJ Messenger is supported by specific Maxell projector models only. These models must have a feature known as ‘Messenger’ embedded in the unit.

Compatible Projectors for PJ Messenger Software v1.5.0

MC-AW3006 MC-TW3506 MP-AW3001
MC-AW3506 MC-WU5501 MP-AW4001
MC-AX3005 MC-WU5505 MP-AX3001
MC-AX3505 MC-WU8461 MP-EU5002
MC-EU5001 MC-WU8601 MP-EW5002
MC-EW3051 MC-WU8701 MP-EX5002
MC-EW3551 MC-WX5501 MP-JU4001
MC-EW4051 MC-WX5505 MP-JW4001
MC-EW5001 MC-WX8265 MP-JW3501
MC-EX3051 MC-WX8651 MP-TW3001
MC-EX3551 MC-WX8751 MP-TW4001
MC-EX4551 MC-X5551 MP-WU5503
MC-EX5001 MC-X8170 MP-WU5603
MC-TW3006 MC-X8801